About NAF

Neighborhood Art Festival is a Kitsch Mandi initiative, with Startup Festival and The Karnataka Government as partners we aim to make art and music more accessible to our community through a street art festival. The festival will flow through three neighborhoods over three days in March, the fourth day being a big celebration at Pebble, Palace Grounds.

The idea is to bring to our urban environment and community some color, creativity, and interaction. This is our first attempt at using public spaces to showcase local artists work, music, performance, poetry, and other forms of creativity emerging from Bangalore.

Come to the selected area/street and find small street flea markets, blow up wall art, graffiti artists painting live, buskers at bus stops, poetry jams at cafe’s and juice shops, interactive drum circles by Thaalavattam, recycled material installations, and more.

look at home page of this blog for more info area wise.

the first three street days are all free for anyone interested. NAF is a non profit inititative. So anyone interested in joining us on the street with their talent is more than welcome. – play guitar, bring your djembe, organize your own art event, paint a wall, recite poetry, show you art installation. anything that brings people together in a fun and creative way!

email – laila@kitschmandi.com


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